Nature reserves, 127 in total, create a network extending nearly over the whole of Pomerania. Completely untamed and barely-touched ecosystems, peculiar types of fauna and flora, and elements of inanimate environment – all this forms the hallmark of our region and testifies to its uniqueness and alluring quality, particularly in terms of tourism.


Las Mątawski

Wiosło Małe

The Seagull Shoal

Wiosło Duże

Opalenie Górne


The Krzywe Koło w Pętli Wdy Nature Reserve

Kępa Redłowska

Chłapowo Valley


The Radunia River Gorge

The Słone Łąki Reserve

Mierzeja Sarbska (Sarbska Spit)

The Lake Małe Łowne Reserve

Reserve "Stone Circles" in Odry

Helskie Wydmy (Hel Dunes)

The “Kąty Rybackie” reserve

Castle Mountain ( Zamkowa Gora)