Discover Pomorskie and its attractions

Wide sandy beaches and forested areas, few hundred of lakes and rivers, as well as fields filled with gifts of nature, those are just a few of advantages of Pomorskie region. Everyone, who comes here will be able to use all of those.

Moving dunes

In the Slowinski National Park every day there is a special spectacle, whose main characters are sand and the wind. The biggest dune is 40 metres high – Gora Lacka, they move around several metres per year, covering the nearby forest. The nearby forest is as mysterious as the dunes, full of broken by the wind trees, showing how the ecosystem works. Some kayak paths end here, like those from Leba and Lupawa rivers.

Blooming life among the sand dunes, photo: Artur Kulwas / Pomorskie.Travel

Check what is inside the sea depth

Those who love the sea life have to visit the Sealplace of the Sea Institute of Gdansk University department of Oceanography in Hel and the Sea Aquarium in Gdynia. The Sealplace in Hel is mainly a scientific research facility, they want to enlarge the seal population in the Baltic Sea.

The Sea Aquarium in Gdynia on the other hand is housing the most interesting and the rarest kinds of fish, amphibians and reptiles from all over the world, for example Africa and North and South America. There are tree floors, 68 enormous water glasses, 1500 living organisms. Sea park in Sarbsk  also has a very interesting offer for families, where You can get to know more about the living creatures, that lived in the sea million years ago.

The sea inspirations

The longest in Poland sandy beaches, majestic cliffs, sea breeze, special kinds of plants and endless sea – this is what makes Pomorskie special. The richness of the sea gives opportunity to spend Your free time in an active, dynamic or romantic way. Sea sports, it is not just sailing or diving but also windsurfing, kitesurfing, water scooters as well as, pleasure boat or fishing boat trips.

On clean, Baltic beaches it is worth going for horse riding, jogging, nordic walking or just strolling, searching for piece of amber. Walking along the shore You can admire lovely fishing ports with boats, from which You can buy fresh fish. You can also try going for boat fishing trips in the sea. A very interesting element of the see shore are well preserved lighthouses, which were used as navigation signs, now are historical monuments and tourist attractions.

Pomorskie yacht ports

Ustak, Leba, Wladyslawowo, Jastarnia, Puck, Gdynia, Gdansk, Gorki Zachodnie. Every sailor should visit those places in order to experience very well equipped bases with all needed facilities, as well as get to know all sea mysteries.

The windmill in Ręboszewo, photo: Pomorskie Trasy Rowerowe / Pomorskie.Travel

Not only the sea

Pomorskie is the region with a big number off lakes and river routs. We may easily say that everybody will find his special place here. Visiting the region by a kayak or boat for sure we shall find plenty of hydrotechnical monuments and many places what will stay in Your memory for a long time. Visiting Gdansk Mail Town  by the kayak is something completely different than an ordinary walking tour.

For all water sport lovers there is a number of inland water bases facilities, marines and mooring platforms along the Petla Zulawska (the Low Land Loop). Who prefers the stable land we can offer the bicycle roots, some with an international function (EuroVelo R-9, R-10 and R-13). A very important place on Pomorskie active map are Tucholskie Forests, with the second largest national park in the region with many walking and cycling paths.

Not only Monciak

The most popular walking way among the Pomorksie cities is “Monciak”, a full of life street, called The Heroes of Monte Cassino. The number of cafes, restaurants, clubs, boutiques, galleries and shops located along “Monciak” makes this street a very important location for fun and party activities in the Tricity. In many towns new promenades and renovated streets, river boulevards are being revelled, like in Lebork, Slupsk, Chojnice, Tczew and Koscierzyna. Those places are inviting You for a walk too.

The architectonic curiosity for an European scale is the pier in Sopot – the longest wooden pier in Europe. The biggest attraction of Sopot is 511,5 metres long and it the landscape attraction since 1827. It is worth also visiting other piers in Brzezno or Orlowo and the sea marina nearby.

Travelling around the Pomorskie region it is also worth going to Slupsk with its Witkacy painting collection at the Pomorskie Duke Castle, The  Railway Museum in Koscierzyna, Kwidzyn with its former Teutonic castle or Wejherowo with its baroque Station of the Cross.

One more attraction of Pomorskie region are the cultural heritage trail, such as: the gothic castle trail, the amber trail, the Cistercian trail, the palaces and mansions of Northern Kashuby trail or the hydrotechnical trail.

On the water

Kilometres of sandy beaches, the sound of waves and beautiful sunsets, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, yacht cruises and all types of fishing – these are just a few proposals with the Baltic Sea in the background. However, Pomorskie is not only the sea! What do you say on over 30 navigable rivers with a total length of almost 3,000 kilometres? Thanks to the extensive network of water routes and the launch of the Żuławy Loop project, discovering the region from the level of a kayak or a sailboat deck will provide unforgettable impressions to the whole family.


Not for you lazy sunbathing and evening walks along the seaside boulevard? You prefer active resting? No problem! Pomorskie is almost 2 thousand kilometres of bicycle routes, almost 3 thousand kilometres of canoe trails, including hiking through forests and forests, horse riding, Nordic walking and even golf courses and tennis courts. In winter, we will surprise you with ski slopes and sledding rides. Pomeranian for active people – all year round!



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