GOŁUŃ ** (hotel)

The waterside hostel belonging to the Hotel affords active leisure on the water, starting from several-hour kayak or boat trips, and ending with several-day sailing cruises on lakes, with the possibility to camp on the beautiful islands.


Numerous walking and bicycle paths, running through forests, lakes and water ponds, will enable active leisure and exploration of the beautiful Kashubian landscape.


The forests are also abundant in berries, and from August to October they are a real heaven for mushroom pickers.


The location of the hotel is the perfect place for organising training sessions, consultations, conferences or integration events.



– a room for 130 people with a viewing terrace, a bar and a dance floor,

– a room for 100 people with a viewing terrace, a bar and a dance floor,



– a room for 120 people, equipped with a sound system, dimming curtains, a foil projector, a slide projector, tables, a screen, a TV set, a VCR, and a multimedia projector.

– four rooms for 20 people each.



– conferences, symposia, training sessions, banquets, special events, holidays,

– open-air suppers at the fireplace with roast wild pig, barbecuing, mulled wine or beer from a keg; open-air supper can be enriched with a performance by a Kashubian band or a storyteller.

– field horse riding, chaise and cart rides

– canoeing,

– sailing regatta,

– ship cruises

– beach volleyball, badminton and football matches,

– bicycle trips around the area,

– integration events carried out by specialised companies,

– music and cabaret performances with the participation of well-known stage artists



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