Around ‘the Kashubian Sea’ Lake Wdzydze

The bike tour includes the famous open-air museum in Wdzydze and Kashubian village Wiele with the neo-baroque Calvary. The route is full of beautiful views, and in terms of landscape is one of the most interesting in the Kashubian region.

The route leads through the trails of Wdzydze Scenic Park: blue, green and red, on public roads with low traffic, and largely dirt roads through fields and forests.

The route takes the form of a loop around the lake (46 km). Directions from Lipusz to Czarliny or Koscierzyna to Olpuch have approx. 16-18 km. The trip can be divided into 2 or even 3 stages with overnight stay in one of the village homes, eg. in Wdzydze Tucholskie, Borsk or Wiele. It is worth to stay longer in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, where ,in addition to the museum there is an observation tower to enjoy ‘the cross of the lakes of Wdzydze”. The views are breathtaking.

Distance: 46 km (approx. 80 km)

Track difficulty: moderately difficult trail

Main surface: dirt roads

Estimated time of the route: 6-8 (9-11) hours (1-2 days)

Recommended type of bike: mountain

Route: The loop around Lake Wdzydze

0 km – Wdzydze Kiszewskie. Museum – Kashubian Ethnographic Park – heritage buildings and Kociewie Kashubian, numerous cottages, outbuildings, windmills, churches and mansions, the oldest open-air museum in Poland. Watchtower water, good tourist base, landscape tower, cruise ship Stolem.

4.4 km – Golun. A resort, numerous resorts, campings, agritourism lodgings, the node routes.

12.4 km – Lipa. Yacht marina “Wdzydzki Paradise”.

14.2 km – Wdzydze Tucholskie. A settlement area, agritourism accommodation, pensions, resort, viewpoint, wooden buildings.

18.0 km – Borsk. A settlement area, wooden buildings, river Wda (canoe trail).

 21.7 km – Gorki.

25.0 km – Wiele. A neo-baroque church with valuable baroque furnishings, Wiele Golgotha built between 1915-1927 which includes 23 objects: neo-baroque chapels, a group of figures, sacred pulpit stairs; lake Wielewskie with a bathing area, and recreational infrastructure Zaborska Land Museum.

28.0 km – Przytarnia.

40.4 km – Czarlina. A settlement area, agritourism accommodation, resort infrastructure for water tourism, viewpoints on the complex of Wdzydzkie lakes.

45.9 km – Wdzydze Kiszewskie.

Directions from Koscierzyna (PKP) to Wdzydze Kiszewskie: follow the blue trail bike through mainly forests in a southerly direction to Wdzydze Kiszewskie (the length of the route : 18,2 km).

4.0 km – Szarlota. Nice lake resorts.

11.2 km – Juszki. A charming village on the lake Mieliste with regional, wooden buildings from 19th and 20th centuries.

18.2 km – Wdzydze Kiszewskie.

 Directions from Lipusz (PKP) to Czarlina: follow the red trail through the woods in an eastern direction to Czarliny (16 km).

6.2 km – Plocice.

12.7 km – Loryniec. Estuary of Trzebiocha river to Wda.

16.0 km – Czarlina.



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