Attractions for children in Pomorskie, part 3

Pomorskie is where the adventure with children begins. Our children are different, finding common attractions for them can be troublesome. In order to combine fun, getting to know the region, its history and culture, we try to make a list in Attractions for children in Pomorskie, part 3

For archaeologists

In the Puck commune, close to the sea, there is the Cultural Park Settlement of seal hunters in Rzucewo. The settlement was a place of refuge for the split inhabitants in the Stone Age. Who were the tribes of seal hunters, how they lived, what they did, you can learn all about it on the educational trail “Trail of seal hunters”. The Kashubian Cottage, a viewing point and a small pier are part of the nature trail.

Archaeologically, the “Rzucewo culture” is included in the circle of the Corded Ware cultures. The ancient inhabitants of the Rzucewo Split were mainly engaged in fishing, hunting (including seal hunting), and amber processing. The settlement of seal hunters in Rzucewo was discovered by archaeologists in 1894.

Swarzewo, Osada Łowców Fok, fot. Pomorkie Travel/P. Książek

park kulturowy osada lowcow fok, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Park Kulturowy Osada Łowców Fok, fot. Pomorskie Travel

For observers of the life of seals

From the Settlement of Seal Hunters Culture Park in Rzucewo to the Marine Station name dafter Professor Krzysztof Skora of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdansk in Hel, popularly known as the Seal Center, is about 40 kilometers. The gray seal is a symbol of the Baltic Sea, to get to know its life and see it closer, it is worth visiting this place.

A lot of tourists watch the “feeding of seals” – this is a kind of medical training, where employees check the condition of the seal while feeding. The Seal Center conducts educational activities. Next to the pool with splashing seals, there is an exhibition that shows what happens to a seal’s stomach when it swallows a metal object. What are the threats of pollution of the Baltic Sea, or the numerous obstacles to overcome for these mammals.

The Seal Center runs a seal rehabilitation facility, helps puppies that have lost their mother seals, are hungry and dehydrated, sometimes sick. We watch them while feeding, we get to know them when they play carefree and get a herring reward for a well-executed command.

The entrance to the House of the Porpoise is a good visit if We want to know mre about the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea. We will be given a handful set of information about the secrets of porpoise biology, their life history, as well as about their threats and how to protect them. An additional attraction is a documentary about dolphins and whales.

Hel, seal aquarium, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Hel, seal aquarium, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Hel, seal aquarium, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

Hel, seal aquarium, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Ochocki

For detectives

A visit to a mysterious castle, full of secrets. We are talking about the Teutonic Castle in Malbork. The story of the knights wearing white cloaks with a black cross, their customs, the vows they made when they joined the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the German House in Jerusalem is listened to with flushed cheeks.

A walk through the courtyards, chambers, exhibitions, especially on the Family Route dedicated to children, can satisfy their curiosity. Currently, the route is suspended, so it is worth checking the news on the website of the Castle Museum in Malbork before booking a ticket.

Reading the book “Mr. car and .. castle in Malbork” can be a good idea before coming to the largest brick castle in Europe.

Malbork Castle, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Okhotsk

Malbork Castle, photo: Pomorskie Travel/M. Okhotsk

Chapter house, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Chapter house, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

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