Siege of Malbork

There will be knight duels and horse shows. You can count on spectacular stunt elements. Finally, the best horsemen will come to Malbork, and the army will present itself in full, historical armament. Brave warriors can be seen in the areas around the castle, as well as on the stage. After all, during a siege there can be scenes with knight duels.

Traditionally, a craft fair will be held between the castle walls. There will be plenty to taste, see and learn about various secrets that ordinary mortals have no access to on a daily basis. Blacksmiths, cooks, shoemakers, tailors will share with you the secrets of their craft.

It refers to the events of 1410, when the Polish-Lithuanian army led by King Wladyslaw Jagiello stormed the Malbork stronghold. What was the further course of events of this unforgettable fight? Did the Teutonic Order manage to stop the king’s attack? Let’s find out by the glow of torches, moving into the medieval atmosphere of the spectacle…



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