The low-lying Żuławy, the Kashubian hills, the lakes of Kociewie, and the forests of Tuchola – all this within your reach! Just visit the Pomeranian Voivodeship and you will see the shifting sand dunes, the Hel Peninsula, and the Vistula Spit for yourself... All draped in the lush green of forests, the rich colours of meadows and the golden sand... this is Pomerania.

City Zoo

The "Sea Park" Recreation and Education Park in Sarbsk

The Viewing Tower

"The Kaszubskie Oko” (“Kashubian Eye”) recreational complex in Gniewino

Seal Aquarium – the marine station in Hel

The ostrich farm in Kniewo

The Wirty Arboretum

The Coastal Landscape Park

The Dolina Słupi Landscape Park

The Kashubian Landscape Park

The Tri-City Landscape Park

The Vistula Spit Landscape Park

The Wdzydze Landscape Park

Góra Rowokół

Tucholskie Forest National Park and its offer

The Słowiński National Park

Muzeum Słowińskiego Parku Narodowego w Czołpinie

Natural curiosities of the western part of the Sobieszewo Island


The season for watching the … wild nature