Pomorskie – not only for the beach

Pomorskie towns tempt not only with the beach. They encourage with many attractions for children, after all, it is the little ones who play an important role among tourists, thirsty for fun, fun and maybe a little more fun.

In Ustka

For example, if you plan to spend your holidays in Ustka or its vicinity, MegaLandia is a place worth visiting. It is an open, or perhaps we should say “conjured up”, quite recently magical land which name obliges. On site you will find a teddy bear measuring two meters or huge games. You can even try your hand at mini golf. Exactly. Are you sure it’s mini? Check it out… By the way, you’ll see a huge piece of cake and big bricks. In MegaLandia there are also rest zones, bouncy castles and a beach. And to these enchanted mega attractions there is a route that you can cover from the centre of Ustka with Eco line electric vehicles. Children up to 5 years old travel for free.

In Kartuzy

Mini golf, in this case really mini golf, can be played in Stezyca near Kartuzy. The local amusement park is another great spot for families with children. Visitors will find not an ordinary course, but themed holes, the completion of which means the completion of a special task. By the way, you can learn many interesting facts about Kashuby. Smaller clubs are waiting for the youngest, and after a round of golf there is an opportunity to ride a pony or meet rabbits.

New attractions in an old amusement park

Discover Park Leba also offers plenty of attractions for children, but also for older children and adults. The facility is still expanding its offer. Recently, in the park, where for many the main attraction was an interactive exhibition of Lego bricks, the largest amusement arcade on the coast has appeared. You can choose from a variety of coin slots, and the collected points can be converted into prizes. A new point on the park map is also an interactive shooting range, stylized as a cowboy saloon. It’s worth checking how accurate your eye is.

Golf not necessarily in the mini or mega version

The already mentioned golf may not be associated with holidays, but if you are in the vicinity of the Tri-City, you will also find tourist attractions there, including the footgolf course in Przywidz. It seems to be an idea for people who prefer to spend their time actively, but in fact everyone, including families with children, will have a great time on the course with obstacles. Footgolf is a combination of football and golf. The goal is to hit the ball with as few kicks as possible. Along the way, of course, you will encounter a lot of obstacles, after all, the more difficult the task, the greater the satisfaction. There are over a dozen tracks on site, as well as other leisure activities. Most of them are related to football. You can therefore play football billiards or football bowling.

Or maybe kayaking?

However, if you prefer water attractions and activities, we suggest moving from the footgolf course to the kayaking marina. Pomorskie Kayak Trails is a project thanks to which the infrastructure is constantly improving and developing. New marinas or resting places for canoeists – among others, they are being built in various parts of the province.

After all, Pomorskie has over one and a half thousand kilometres of kayak trails, thanks to which you can not only spend time actively, even during holidays, but also get to know the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. New investments are also a guarantee of comfort and safety for canoeists who are attracted by new tourist attractions in Poland, including at the seaside. Brda, Slupia, Motlawa or Nogat – rafting on these rivers is a guarantee of fun, as well as communing with nature and monuments.

History can be interesting too...

A tourist does not live by rest, fun or activity alone. That is why new tourist attractions are connected, among other things, with history. In the case of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, their centre is the Tri-City with the recently opened Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk. For many people who spend their holidays at the seaside, it is practically an obligatory point in the program of their stay. No wonder, after all, even the main exhibition is one of the largest in the world.

People interested in history will find there hundreds of exhibits, multimedia stations, thematic blocks, a library and a cinema. You can also visit the museum with children. For those aged up to 12, a space called “Time Travel” has been prepared. This is a reconstructed interior of a Warsaw family’s apartment from the 1940s. Nothing special, but still. The exhibition shows the apartment in three different periods, which makes it aware of the deteriorating situation of Poles as the war tragedy deepens.

Museum of the Second World War, photo: promotional materials

Museum of the Second World War, photo: promotional materials

Sławutowo settlement, photo: promotional materials

Sławutowo settlement, photo: promotional materials

...also the history of the Middle Ages.

Speaking of history, it is impossible not to invite to Slawutowo, recently opened for tourists, the Slavic Settlement. The attraction located near Puck is a reconstruction of a medieval village from the late 9th and early 10th century. Craftsmen will remind us of such forgotten professions as potter, weaver or herbalist.

In addition, you can include workshops, archery or animations in the itinerary of your visit. It can also be a lot of fun for the whole family, and it also has an educational value. How to explain to a kid what it was like to live in times when there was no electricity and television? Take kids to a medieval settlement, let them see for themself.

Look for the wind in the Gulf

Being in Pomorskie, you cannot fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered by water. We have written about kayaking, but there are more opportunities to spend time actively. Windsurfing camps by the sea are becoming more and more popular. The centre of this type of activities is the Gulf of Gdansk. Swimming skills on the board can be trained, for example, on Hel. Camps, equipment rentals and a chance to get advice from experienced surfers are certainly quite new tourist attractions in Poland, characteristic mainly of Pomorskie, although it happens to see and experience windsurfing madness also in Masury, among others. In any case, if someone wants to improve their skills or just learn to surf with a sail, they have such a possibility.

Read more Puck Bay with the Beka reserve

Hel Peninsula. Between the sea and the bay

Puck Bay with the Beka reserve Phot. I. Florczyk

Puck Bay with the Beka reserve Phot. I. Florczyk

The old Gdansk waterworks.

Water, but not necessarily the sea. In the summer you will visit the old Gdansk waterworks.

Pomorskie is associated with water, it is known. Interesting points for tourists may be not only beaches and the Baltic Sea, but also other types of water reservoirs. In Gdansk, two facilities belonging to the Gdansk Water Supply Trail have been opened to visitors. This is Stara Orunia and Stary Sobieski. Especially the renovation of the first one was an interesting experience for the workers, as it turned out that bats had made a cosy nest in the reservoir. And not a few or a dozen, but several hundred individuals.

That is why Stara Orunia can be visited between May and September. Bats rule here in winter. To provide the mammals with adequate humidity, the tank is still flooded with water. Fortunately, only up to a certain level, and besides, no worries – you don’t have to put on rubber boots, because tourists move on specially made platforms. At Stara Orunia there is a viewing point from which you can admire, among others, the Old Town. Talking about beautiful landscapes. One of the cranes in the Imperial Shipyard has just been launched as a viewing point. Standing on the crane, you will have the opportunity to see Gdansk from a completely different perspective than before.

Stara Orunia Reservoir, photo: GIWK promotional materials

Stara Orunia Reservoir, photo: GIWK promotional materials



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