The Ustka lighthouse (Lighthouse Trail)

Built in 1892, the lighthouse is situated at the mouth of the Słupia River. The building consists of an octagonal tower and a lighthouse keeper's house attached to it.

Since 2010, the lighthouse has been operating automatically – it was also the end of service of the last lighthouse keeper in Ustka. What is characteristic to this four-storey shape tower are the countless cornices and canopies; concrete and metal steps lead to its top.

Ustka lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Ustka lighthouse, photo: Pomorskie Travel

Entered in the register of monuments in 1993, the building is an excellent viewpoint from which the panorama of the city, the port and the sea can be admired. Visitors also have an opportunity to learn about development of the lighthouse and history of the building itself.

Interesting fact: After the end of World War II, in the years 1945-1946, the object was called the Postomino lighthouse. However, at the beginning of 1947, its historical name was restored – the “Ustka” lighthouse.

Opening hours: July and August – daily from 10:00 a.m. to dusk, other months – hours variable.




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