The Slupsk region by bike and kayak

The Slupsk Land is one of the most interesting tourist regions in Poland. Slupsk itself, a city with seven hundred years of history, other interesting places, as well as the proximity of the sea, make more and more tourists choose the Slupsk Land (not everyone knows that it is part of Kashuby) as their travel destination.

Between Bytow and Slupsk, it is worth taking a bicycle trip through the Slupia Valley Landscape Park, whose main attraction are hydroelectric power plants, unique in Europe. The most important trail around Slupsk is the Gryfits Ring, which includes, among others: a fragment of the Checkered Land with its capital in Swolowo, called the Pomorskie Village of Cultural Heritage. The trail perfectly presents the regional architecture of those parts, with characteristic frame huts.

We change from bicycles to kayaks. One of the leading products of kayaking tourism in the Pomorskie Voivodeship is “Slupia – a river with a current“. Its attractiveness includes not only the 133 km long water route, but also hydroelectric power plants, unique in Europe, which are open to visitors.

An additional attraction are the so-called papal stones, placed along the river to commemorate the rafting trip that Karol Wojtyla and his students took in 1964. The trail has well-developed infrastructure, there are shelters and kayak marinas, and there is plenty of accommodation and catering facilities (recreational centres, summer houses, agritourism). Slupia is also well marked, with nearly 200 signs and information boards along the route. In the vicinity of Slupia, interesting kayaking routes include the Wieprza, Lupawa and Skotawa rivers.



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