The Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Słupsk

the first church in Słupsk was erected, known at the time as St.Peter’s Church.

The temple, mentioned in a document issued in 1281 by Mestwin (Mściwój) II, the Duke of Gdańsk, at that time was already the (only) one to serve as a parish. Even later, when the left-bank Słupsk was relocated and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, serving the German commune, was established, St. Peter’s Church operated as the parish church for local villages and the right-bank settlement (the then Old Town), located south from the church. The settlement was under the Duke’s jurisdiction and covered Kashubian-speaking population. As late as the 18th Century, St. Peter’s parish encompassed 16 neighbouring villages, where 80% of residents used the Kashubian tongue. In 1722 the town council strongly supported the position of nobility from the parish of St. Peter, “that no man shall be appointed a deacon in the Old Town, other than he who (…) is also familiar with the Polish tongue”.




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