The Aeroclub in Słupsk

Its experienced instructors ensure a high level and safety of training, as well as training and professional flights. The lovely location of the airport amidst the woods creates an exhilarating experience for all aerial sports enthusiasts.

The parachuting division has operated since 1953. Skydiving flights take place on almost a daily basis, depending on the number of participants. The pilots jump off PZL Gawron planes at an altitude of 1000m. Anyone interested in experiencing the breathtaking excitement accompanying each jump is heartily welcomed to the airport. The Aeroclub provides parachutes for all basic-course participants and an equipment rental service.

The Słupsk Aeroclub has a sufficient number of gliders and sailplanes for training, as well as practice and professional flights. The club offers gliding, airplane, parachuting and paragliding training courses (for people aged 16 upwards – otherwise you will need the consent of your parents or guardians).



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