Pomeranian Cycling Trails

Mountain bike, trekking bike, city bike or a racing bike? Pomeranian cycling trails are ready for anyone, and the varied landscape, rich in breathtaking views will inspire you so much, that you will certainly find an awesome trail! Get on your bike and you will discover the !Pomorskie on a Bike anew.

In the Kashubian Region

Here anything is possible, even mountain biking trails! Check the trails located near Kartuzy and Chmielno, and you will understand, why this area is known as Kashubian Switzerland. Effort extended in overcoming considerable heights will surely be rewarded with wonderful views of hills dispersed among numerous lakes, with little Kashubian towns and villages located at their shores.

Cycling Excursion along the Mansions and Palaces of Northern Kashubia
Cycling across Kashubia
Parchowo Loop
Czarlina Loop
Proposition for a weekend: Kartuzy – Chmielno – Kartuzy

Szlaki na Kaszubach wiodą uroczymi zakątkami, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

The Słupsk Land and the Checked Country

Slightly easier cycling conditions prevail near the city of Słupsk, it may be a favour, since eyes should be focused on the unique regional style buildings of the Checked Country, which will definitely delight not only the connoisseur of local culture. A number of shorter trips can also be made from Słupsk, it is particularly worth to take a ride to Swołowo – the capital of the Checked Country, where you can visit the Museum of Folk Culture of Pomerania

Pomeranian St.Jacob’s trail on a bike

Pomorskie Trasy Rowerowe, Chmielno, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Pomeranian cycling trails across the Żuławy wetlands and along the Vistula Spit

It is definitely much easier to cycle across the Żuławy wetlands. Serene Motława river flowing across flat, vast stretches of fields and meadows, reaches lovely corners of Żuławy Gdanskie. The principal cycling route in the Żuławy is the Mennonite Trail, which combines a pleasant cycling trip with an opportunity to get acquainted with regional culture of the Żuławy wetlands area. Arcaded houses, gothic churches, windmills and the history of Mennonite settlements, these are the distinctive features of the Żuławy region. An additional attraction will definitely be the possibility of cycling along the embankments of the Vistula river delta, while it is worth to reserve special time for a trip towards the Vistula Lagoon.

Cycling to Krynica Morska
Cycling across the Żuławy and along the Vistula Spit
The Loop of the Gulf of Gdansk (Gdansk – Krynica Morska segment)
Cycling across the  Żuławy Gdańskie and the Sobieszewo Island
Discover New Cycling trails in Żuławy
The Mennonite Cycling Trail

Szlaki w Trójmiejskim Parku Krajobrazowym, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Szlaki w Trójmiejskim Parku Krajobrazowym, fot. Pomorskie.Travel

Pomeranian Cycling Trails along the Hel Peninsula

While staying at the seacoast it is worth to take a ride along one of the cycling routes of Northern Kashubia. The route going along the shore of the Gulf of Puck from Gdynia to Hel (The Ring of the Gulf of Puck) is a ‘Must See’ item on a list of any cyclist. This unique cycling route will soon become an element of the EuroVelo network of international long distance cycling routes, at present it is one of the most visually attractive cycling trails of Poland.

Cycling along the Hel Peninsula
The Loop of the Gulf of Gdansk (Hel- Tricity segment)

Kaszubska Marszruta

This is a set of cycling trails located near the city of Chojnice, which will allow you to get acquainted with the beauty of one of the largest forest complexes in Poland. Sign posted cycling trails provide access to the routes located in the Tuchola Forest National Park and in the Zaborski Landscape Park

Trails of the Kashubian Itinerary

Tricity and its surroundings

The Tricity is the heart of Pomerania with a perfectly developed network of cycling routes, where you can easily cycle on a city bike. An integrated system of routes allows you to comfortably reach most of the tourist attractions of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot so that visiting the Tricity would assume a totally different dimension. Additionally, a modern bike sharing system is going to be introduced in the entire metropolitan area soon, making the discovery of various cosy corners of the Tricity and its surroundings even easier.

The Strzyża Valley and Its Surroundings
Loop of the Gulf of Gdansk across the Tricity
Cycling Peripheries of Gdansk – Otomin
Sopot-Oliva Loop across the Tricity Landscape Park
Vantage Points in Southern Districts of Gdansk



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