Worth seeing

Conquer Your Gniew (anger)!

Tuchola Forest

Former Gdańsk Shipyard and Dolne Miasto district. This is where alternative Gdańsk is

Aim high! Let's meet 130 metres above the ground

How does a lighthouse work? "We are here so that this lantern never goes out"

Hel Peninsula. Between the sea and the bay

Jak żegluje Zbigniew Gutkowski ?

“Pomuchel”, “Golce” and “Czernina”, those the secrets of the Pomorskie cuisine

Szlakiem Zamków Gotyckich. Z wizytą na Zamku Gniew

A gdyby tak wejść w inne przestrzenie? Gdański Szlak Wodociągowy (GSW) – przestrzenie zmysłów

The Maritime Culture Centre

The Museum of Pomeranian Folk Culture in Swołowo

The Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie


Seal Aquarium – the marine station in Hel

The ostrich farm in Kniewo

Subjective weekend in the city

Step by step with the nature… small explorer on the nature paths

Tradition of the region – open air museums

Modernist Gdynia. How the city from the sea and dreams was built.

Vivat Gniew! Vivat Vasa!

Kashubian Strawberry