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The Cistercian Abbey in Pelplin
That monastery (...) possessed such splendid and ornate edifices that it inspired the admiration of all people”      Jan Długosz, Dziejów polskich ksiąg dwanaście (Twelve books on Polish history), Volume IV, Book XI/
     The Mennonite Route is the keystone of the tourist development of Żuławy. From Gdańsk to Elbląg, it connects the tourist attractions connected with the history of settlement in the Vistula Delta. The man-made, harmonious and historic landscape, and the numerous sites of old material culture, are the route’s highlights.
The Żuławska Loop
     The Żuławska Loop is an attractive waterway for tourists and nature lovers, connecting the courses of the Vistula, the Martwa Wisła, the Szkarpawa, the Wisła Królewiecka, the Nogat, the Wisła Śmiała, the Wielka Święta Tuga, the Motława, the Jagielloński Canal, the Elbląg and the Pasłęka, and the waters of the Vistula Lagoon. It provides 303 km of unforgettable adventure, to be experienced in a canoe, yacht, motorboat, or houseboat.
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