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      The Pomeranian Voivodeship is home to three major Post-Cistercian complexes - in Oliwa, Pelplin, and Żarnowiec. All these sites are covered by the Pomeranian Loop of the Cistercian Route, which is one of the four loops making up the Cistercian route network in Poland and forming part of the European culture routes.
The Gdańsk Brewing Tradition
     Beer, or beers more like, was one of many things which made Gdańsk famous, as there were many types of beer brewed in the city and the number of breweries was over a hundred at times. Beer from Gdańsk was not only drunk in local houses and inns but also sent abroad. The tradition has just been revived after a break which lasted several decades.
Johannes Gutenberg and the Pelplin Bible
What links Johannes Gutenberg, known as the father of printing, with Pelplin? Of 180 published and 48 preserved full two-volume copies of the famous Gutenberg’s Bible, one is located in the library of the Seminary in Pelplin.
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