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The main attraction that draws tourists to Gniew is obviously the Teutonic Commandry Castle with knights’ shows, battle stagings, mediaeval fairs, and all other attractions. Overshadowed by it is the fascinating and simply beautiful old part of the town.
     Jastarnia is, apart from Hel and Jastrzębia Góra, the best-known holiday resort in northern Poland, which emerged from combining two settlements - Jastarnia Pucka and Bór, also known as Jastarnia Gdańska. Currently, it extends over Kuźnice, one of Jastarnia’s districts, and the famous seaside resort, Jurata.
The Culinary Route
The Culinary Route of the Central Gdynia is a means of promoting the city connected with good cuisine. The places located on the route are mainly restaurants, of typically local origin, born out of the “Sea of Dreams” similarly to the city itself.  Run by passionate owners who show their love for the place in its quality, menu and original decor.
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