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Kociewie embroidery
Colourful embroidery in Kociewie started disappearing very early – in the first half of the 19th Century. No material evidence remains of the colourful embroidery of that time.
Kashubian Switzerland (Szwajcaria Kaszubska)
    By this common expression we call the central , the highest located part of the Lakeland of Kashuby, i.e. the mainly the area of poviat of Kartuzy. In parts this area is enlarged by the poviats of Bytow and Koscierzyna.
The Gdynia Modernism Route
     The name “modernism” itself implies modernity. So it is no surprise that Gdynia, being the city established and designed in the inter-war period, has many Modernist objects, which give the place a special style.  
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