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Polanki Street in Gdańsk-Oliwa
     Polanki Street is a primeval route once used by the Cisterians from Oliwa to travel to Gdańsk. Currently the street comprises a parallel communication artery to the main Grundwaldzka Street, which runs from the centre of Gdańsk through Wrzeszcz and Oliwa to Sopot.
The Automotive Museum in Gdynia
     The Automotive Museum in Gdynia has resulted from many years of work by a man driven by passion who spent every one of his free moments over decades on old cars and motorbikes.  Today he presents his exhibits with a pride which is fully deserved.  
Kałębie, or "The Kociewie Sea"
Kociewie, population three hundred thousand, with its Capital in Starogard Gdański, is connected to the sea not only through its location in Pomerania. Kociewie has its very own sea, which is a little bit smaller than the Baltic, but it can be sailed all over by virtually anybody.  
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