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The underground route in Prabuty
    What draws everybody’s attention at the Prabuty market is a beautiful fountain of Roland, kept in a Romanesque-Byzantine style, moved to Prabuty in the 20s from Berlin. At first glance it is difficult to guess that the real tourist attraction is located a few meters below.
Kociewie is a geographical and ethnographical region forming part of the East-Pomeranian Lake District, which has changed over the years many times. The present borders of Kociewie were determined on the basis of Kazimierz Nitsch’s linguistic research.
Jean Georges Haffner
     Born in Colmar in Alsace, he was a medical doctor and is remembered and honoured as the founder of the first health resort and spa in Sopot. Taking into account his achievements, for the city to call him the father of Sopot is fully justified.
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