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     Oksywie is the oldest district of present Gdynia. The first historic references about old  church village “Oxiva” date back to 1214. Even older is the history of  the settlement in this area dating back to 65-500 BC. In 7th -12th centuries there was a fortified town  being the office of the head  of the community and later the duke’s administration. To prove rich history of Oksywie is the fact of existing a parish founded before  1224, which makes it one of the oldest parishes in the Gdansk Pomerania. The real treasure of Oksywie is St. Michael Archangel church, considered one of the oldest in the Pomorskie region.
The Royal Route
    The Royal Route in Gdańsk was the longest urban axis in the European Middle Ages. The most interesting and monumental route in Gdansk was the venue of parades and important events, as well as triumphant entries of kings to the city. 
The Kashubian language
     Belonging to the group of West Slavic languages, the only language in Poland registered as an official regional language, with 76 dialects, some of which are mutually incomprehensible. This is the Kashubian language.
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