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     The narrow strip of land created by the currents of the Wisła and the sea is famous as the place where WWII started. However, its history goes back a lot further and is very interesting.
Polanki Street in Gdańsk-Oliwa
     Polanki Street is a primeval route once used by the Cisterians from Oliwa to travel to Gdańsk. Currently the street comprises a parallel communication artery to the main Grundwaldzka Street, which runs from the centre of Gdańsk through Wrzeszcz and Oliwa to Sopot.
Miastko Charming, Colorful, Active
     Hiking tourist rallies, Nordic walking, cycling or  rallies in extreme off-road vehicles driving on time – these activities are available in Miastko municipality to every tourist. Miastko municipality is located in the western part of the Pomorskie voivodeship, in the district Bytowski. What attracts tourists to Miastko and its surroundings is immaculate nature, more than 150 lakes, including Europe's largest lake lobelia called the Great Bobiecinskie  (with its surface of 524.6 ha), as well as the summer woods full of mushrooms and berries. Also interesting are nature trails around Studnica, including the "Green Ruczaj" and the running of Pasieka two trails - "the bathing of Rummel", and "at the source of Studnica"…
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