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     Kwidzyn, a town of 40-thousand people in the south-eastern part of Pomeranian Voivodeship, borders on Iława Lakeland and the Lower Vistula Valley, over the picturesque Liwa river. It is a district town regarded as the capital of Lower Powiśle.
The Arcade houses
     One distinctive feature of Żuławy is its arcade houses. They feature a frame structure with brick, and the arcade forms a protruded storey supported by wooden pillars on the side facing the road.
The River Słupia
     The Słupia is a river that has its source somewhere in the peat bogs of the Kashubian Lake District, and it flows through moraine hills, several lakes, and after passing Słupsk, to which it has given its name, connects its waters to the Baltic in Ustka. It flows among forests, plains, sometimes in a rapid mountain current, works hard in several hydroelectric power plants, and eventually turns into a sea harbour.
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