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Kashubian Tunes
    “To je krótczi, to je dłudżi, to Kaszebska stolëca…” – these are the opening words of a very popular Kashubian chant.
Nowy Dwór Gdański and its environs
     In the very heart of Żuławy Wiślane, on the Tuga, between the Vistula and the Nogat, there stretches the scenic landscape around Nowy Dwór Gdański. The lowlands covered by the Commune and Town of Nowy Dwór Gdański are reminiscent of the Dutch landscape; hence they are called the Polish Netherlands.
Kashubian embroidery
     Originally monochromatic colours, made with gold or silver thread, decorated coifs or liturgical vestments. Over time they became more colourful, with various plant designss decorating tablecloths, bed linen, and most of all, the Kashubian holiday costumes. This, of course, refers to embroidery.
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