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The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes
     North Poland, at least its Castles, makes us get used to Gothic.  However, among the red of the Gothic brick of Pomeranian castles there shines (both literally and metaphorically) the Castle in Słupsk – a true gem of Renaissance architecture. Its history dates back to the early 16th Century, when it was established as a Gothic stronghold of Bogusław X, Duke of Pomerania.
The Cistercian Abbey in Pelplin
That monastery (...) possessed such splendid and ornate edifices that it inspired the admiration of all people”      Jan Długosz, Dziejów polskich ksiąg dwanaście (Twelve books on Polish history), Volume IV, Book XI/
     Vases, jugs, double pots, candlesticks, beer mugs, plates, all are produced manually with the use of a potter’s wheel powered only by the potter’s legs. After that they are dried for 3-7 days and processed. This is how wonderful Kashubian ceramics are created.
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