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Sopot Festivals
     The idea of creating a forest amphitheatre as another attraction of the health resort was created shortly after Sopot was given the status of a city.  It was implemented immediately. In spring 1909 the works commenced and in August the first performance was staged there.
     Vases, jugs, double pots, candlesticks, beer mugs, plates, all are produced manually with the use of a potter’s wheel powered only by the potter’s legs. After that they are dried for 3-7 days and processed. This is how wonderful Kashubian ceramics are created.
The Teutonic Castle in Lębork
     The story of Lębork Castle begins in the first half of the 14th Century, with the foundation of the town with Chełm rights. In this way, the founders of the town and constructors of the Castle, the Teutonic Knights, strengthened their reign over then recently-conquered  Gdańsk Pomerania.
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