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The Tuga Route – the most representative of Żuławy
The Tuga, whose upper course is also called the Wielka Święta, was once one of the arms of the branched delta of the Vistula.
Maritime Tradition and the Hanseatic League
     The past significance of Gdansk, its great monuments, the meaning of the urban centre on the map of the region and Europe, all these result from the city’s location at the mouth of a great river. Gdansk became a natural connection with the rest of the world for the huge basin of the Vistula, allowing economic and cultural contacts through its harbour.
Johannes Gutenberg and the Pelplin Bible
What links Johannes Gutenberg, known as the father of printing, with Pelplin? Of 180 published and 48 preserved full two-volume copies of the famous Gutenberg’s Bible, one is located in the library of the Seminary in Pelplin.
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