This bond, despite all the changes brought about by the last two centuries, is still close, making Ustka become a seaside resort and a lido for Słupsk area. Ustka is located on the both banks of the Słupia River. The names of both Słupsk and Ustka, which used to be called “Słupioujście”, come from the river. The location gave Ustka the status of a port and fishing centre. It also fostered numerous takeovers of Ustka during military conflicts among the neighbouring countries.

The beach comprising two slightly differing parts is the biggest attraction of contemporary Ustka. The eastern part, located near the centre of the city, has a rich beach infrastructure and gastronomic and entertainment facilities. The western beach, located a bit further from the town centre, is popular among fans of more natural sunbathing. Ustka is also a health resort where rheumathological and cardiological illnesses, traumas, airways and nervous-system conditions aretreated. It is facilitated by the local microclimate, salt springs and healing muds that can be found in the area.

When visiting Ustka, you should also see the remains of fishing settlements and local buildings from the turn of the 20th Century, two historical churches and a lighthouse. On the eastern breakwater you should also definitely visit the Ustka Mermaid, who is looking into the sea with longing in her eyes.



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