Kaszuby by kayak

1. By kayak down the Kashubian Switzerland

“The circle of Radunskie Lakes”, this is how usually the kayak waterway leading through the several, long and big gutter lakes is called. They are connected with many isthmuses and the Radunia River and all together they are 37 km long. Such expedition is only for the adventurous ones with strong hands, because kayaking through those big lakes with strong winds and waves may be a big effort for the beginners, what’s more, the steep and heard to reach shores won’t let to rest else were but in specially prepared places. Nevertheless, it is worth going to Stężyca, Chmielno or Ostrzyce to come with this unique landscape.


2. By kayak from the heart of Kaszyby to Gdansk

Radunia is a beautiful river that joins Kashubian Switzerland with the capital of the region – Gdansk. Its upper part, this is Radunskie Circle Wterway, the lower one are full of hydroelectric power plans. Due to those, Radunia is quite often called a “working river”/ It is worth is try the part from Straszyn – Pruszcz Gdanski which ends at the Cultural Park Factoria. From there it is close to Radunia estruary to Motława River and then to the central part of Gdansk.

3.By kayak through the Kashubian sea and Tucholskie Forests.

One of the most popular kayak way in Poland, ideal place for family kayaking or for those who just start their relationship with a kayak, all that You can experience on kayak waterway on Wda River. The wide riverbed, lack of difficulties on the river and slow current, as well as well signed enables You to admire the nature, calm down and relax. One more advantage of Wda River is well organised infrastructure for tourists and many attractions on the way. Kayaking through Wdzydzki and Widecki Landscape Park or Wdzydze Lake it is truly unforgettable experience.


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