Pomerania offers an unusual way of visiting the region – out of the canoe, thanks to the over 30 navigable canoe trails and 40 kayak routes. Do you regard constant paddling as boring? Certainly not here! When you enter the mountain river you will struggle not to fall into the water, but when you sail on picturesque lakes and rivers you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, only in Pomerania can you finish the canoeing trip over the seacoast.    

The Wda Trail – canoeing through the Tuchola Forest (Bory Tucholskie)

The Wda is one of the most popular canoeing trails in Poland.This river is perfect for beginners to the sport of canoeing and families with children.

It is so because of its significant width, lack of difficult obstacles on the way, and slow-paced current. This combination provides favourable conditions for contemplating nature, finding inner peace and exposing yourself to the beauty of green landscapes around you.

The Wda Trail is properly signposted and boasts a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The trail crosses the Wdzydzki and Wdecki Landscape Parks. The upper course of the river, running from Wieckie Lake to Lipusz, is more demanding and suitable only for more experienced canoeists. The most popular easy section, that requires about seven days to navigate, goes from Lipusz do Tleń. It winds its way through the Kashubian Sea - a group of ribbon lakes under the name of the Wdzydze Lakes, and across an extensive forested area of the Tuchola Forest. Upon reaching Tleń you will be two days of paddling away from reaching the mouth of the river in Świeć, where you can continue the trip further down the Vistula.

Navigable tributaries of the Wda are the Graniczna and its affluent, the Trzebiocha. These inconspicuous rivers enchant with their diversity. At times they run down a wide bed, only to flow into a lake or squeeze themselves into a much narrower passage. The scenery along the way varies as well.

The Wda Trail: 200 km
The recommended route: Lake Wieckie - Świecie
Number of days: 10
Difficulty: the upper course (to Lipusz) - moderately difficult, the middle and lower courses - easy
Number of portages: 16
Tributaries: the Graniczna/the Trzebiocha (trail: 25 km/1 day/easy)