Castle Mountain ( Zamkowa Gora)

The reserve includes a moraine hill covered with an old beech forest, rising to 30 m above the surrounding and 225 m above sea level. Reserve protects a well-preserved fragment of a lowland beech- fertile and sour (poor) with a high proportion of big trees at the age of 250 years. In the undergrowth there are a few species of vascular plants protected in part: ivy and Galium, woodruff and other rare or endangered plants: Melica uniflora, and fern Phegopteris connectilis. The presence of several species of birds found here is marked by a buzzard nest placed high in the crown of beech and large black woodpecker hollows eagerly inhabited by other birds living in tree holes. At the top of the hill in the western part of the track is probably some trace of medieval settlement. At the foot of the hill of the route runs a didactic nature path, determined by the shore of Lake Silent, and referring to the nature reserve. The reserve itself is available through the route of the hill along the central part of the protected area and its periphery.




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