Route No. 2 – towards Smętowo Chmieleńskie

You start your foot excursion by heading rightwards and walking 700m on an asphalt road. Then you reach the main Kartuzy – Złota Góra road, where you turn left and immediately make a right turn onto a wide forest road towards Smętowo Chmieleńskie. For the next 3.3km you go straight ahead, going through some forks in the road on the way. Upon reaching a large crossroads (at the 4th kilometre) you turn left onto a wide beaten track, as marked. At the next stage (1.8 km long) you go forward through the woods and head leftwards onto a wide forest road. After another 1.7km you reach the Kartuzy – Smętowo Chmieleńskie road and make a right turn. 600m further on you will reach the Kartuzy – Złota Góra asphalt road. There you cross the street (please use great caution as it is a busy road) and follow the NW markings until you get back to the Assessor’s Bench.



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