Route no. 30 Nowa Wieś Lęborska (black)

We start the walk in the Tourist Camp. Laeving Obliwice behind after 700m we turn right into the forest next to the obelisk to Obliwice Nature Path. Along a forest road, passing a small lake, we reach a tarmac road in the village of Łebień, which has been called ‘Polish Eldorado of shale gas’ by Polish media due to huge resources of this gas found here. Walking on along a surfaced road we pass scattered buildings and come to Lędziechowo,where we measure our pulse using the table located here. Going further along a section of a cobbled road of the Nature Path we again reach the winding road among fields. Having reached the forest we turn left by an old linden tree and having walked 8,2km reach a cementary and the Monument for the Victims of Stuthof Concentration Camp Death March. After a moment of reflection we walk through the forest and soon reach the Tourist Camp in Krępa Kaszubska with an exercise board where we do a few exercises. In the meantime we can visit the memorial room for the victims of the Death March. Leaving the village of Krępa Kaszubska we pass Koniczynka Stud Farm and than, walking along a gravel road and a sandy road, we reach a tarmac road. After 13,4km from the beginning of the walk, by the monument to John Paul II we join the red route again. Walking for the last kilometre we pass a path leading to three 400-years old oaks, we join the green route and finish our wwalk in the Tourist Camp in Obliwice.



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