Route no. 28 Nowa Wieś Lęborska (green)

The route forms a loop of 7,7km marked out mostly along dirt roads and a forest road. We start our walk in Obliwice leaving the Tourist Camp of the Enclave of Ecology and History. 600m further we leave the tarmac road and enter a dirt road. Following a winding forest road we walk on varied surfaces, from hard surfaces to sandy surfaces. After 2,6 km we reach a disused railway (the former 230 line connecting Lębork, Garczegorze with Choczewo) and having crossed it we turn left. Crossing a tarmac road we reach the buildings of the Factory Farm in Janisławiec and from here we head for the village of Garczegorze, passing an exercise board situated in a recreational spot called SAHARA. Walking alnong a tarmac road through Garczegorze towards Wilków we pass a historic church and than we enter a dirt road again, turning left towards Obliwice. Following a diversified path between fields and having done 6,8km we close loop. By a pulse measuring point with the help of the table shown on the board. We walk the last kilometre along a beautiful chestnut alley and having done 7,7 km we finish our hike in the Torist Camp.



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