Route no. 29 Nowa Wieś Lęborska (red)

Having done a warm-up we leave the buildings of Obliwice alng a tarmac road from the Tourist Camp, passing a historic evagelical cementary and a lapidarium. After 700m we leave the black route which turns right and we go 300m further, pass the obelisk for Olympic athletes and turn left into a dirt forest road. Passing a small mid-forest dystrophic lake we see a small shelter onthe right. This has been for thirty years the venue of the All- Polish Forest Cross Country Run in Memory of Tomasz Hopfer. After 1,6km we enter a sandy road naext the obelisk for John Paul II and we join the black route again. Walking towards Obliwice we pass the obelisk to Jurassic Park and the obelisk to Historic Obliwice Railway Station. Having passed the pulse measuring point we measure pulse using the instructions from the table. Further on by the obelisk for Swan Pond we cross the green route and walk on among fields and along a forest road next to the obelisk to Ratajka Crossroads to the village of Wilkowo Nowowiejskie. In the Tourist Camp, by the exercise board located here we do a few exercises and than we can take a short break to admire the world’s longest plank, scooter, table and the biggest brick ( these are records recorded in Guiness World Records Book). From Wilków we walk the last 2,8 kilometres along Obliwice Nature Trail, by the obelisk to Łyse Góry we walk along a 100-years old maple alley and we finish our walk in the Tourist Camp in Obliwice.



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