The Rybina Water Junction (Szkarpawa-Królewiecka-Tuga)

The Rybina Water Junction this area can be considered to give an overview of various devices and techniques of drainage applied since the Middle Ages until the present.

The Żuławy have experienced numerous floods and wars, during which many facilities were destroyed and only a small fraction of them can be admired and used today. Thanks to its unique location, the small village of Rybina functions as a water junction. It is here that the waters of the Szkarpawa, the Wisła Królewiecka, and the Tuga converge.

Over the years several structures were build here – a swing bridge for the narrow-gauge railway, pumping stations, and adraw bridge on the Wisła Królewiecka and Szkarpawa. The Szkarpawa ranks among the most important watercourses of this area, leading to the Vistula Lagoon. In recent years, the importance of the Wisła Królewiecka – the alternative way to the Lagoon – has grown. TheTuga is a water connection between the Szkarpawa and Nowy Dwór Gdański and Nowy Staw.



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