St. Stanislaus Kostka’s Church in Lubowidz

It is here that a huge cemetery dating back to the Iron Age was discovered in the early 20th Century, and also an amber treasure from the Roman Empire period. One of the most interesting monuments of Lubowidz that can be admired today is a brick Gothic-Revival church from 1909. The church is characterised by an aisle body, four-bay, divided with diagonal buttresses with pairs of wide, almost ogival, windows. From the north, the body of the church ends with a narrower, rectangular presbytery, and, from the south, there is a square tower with a framework structure in its upper storey, covered with a tented roof. The walls of the church are decorated with plastered arcades. Another interesting structure is the building of an old school, currently the place of an equestrian club. There is an open-access bathing area, clean beaches, clear water, and all of it surrounded by a beautiful, green forest that makes it worth staying for a while in Lubowidz to relax and rest from the city tumult.



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