St. Anthony of Padua’s Church in Strzelino

In the second half of the 19th Century the building was extended by elevating the Medieval body of the structure through adding two brick layers and a crown moulding. Additional structures built at the time include the presbytery, towers, and two annexes – one to serve as the sacristy, the other as a galilee for the estate owners, leading to the gallery. The church was laid to brick, although its walls reveal individual stones. The upper tower floor has a brick-frame construction with a brick fill. Its roof is pitched and topped with ceramic tiles known as plane tiles. From the south-western side, the church adjoins a tower, covered with a hipped roof and an octagonal cupola topped with sheet. The church itself was built on a rectangle plan. It has a triangular presbytery on the north east, and an organ loft on the south west. The preserved decor of the church includes the 15th-Century baptismal font, bells from 1585 and 1599, 19th-Century pews, organ loft, and organ front.




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