The Church of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in Objazda

From the 18th-Century to the first half of the 19th Century, the village was in the hands of several families – the von Natzmer, von Bandemer, von Schlieffen, and von Krockow families. In 1838 it was bought by a prominent official, Teodor Kutscher, and stayed with the family until the end of World War II. The Kutscher family seat was located in a grand Renaissance-Revival palace in the eastern part of the village, built in 1895 – 1897 by Ernest Kutscher. It was made of brick and comprises stone foundations, plastered above the stone pedestal. It was built on a rectangle plan, with a wooden veranda added from the south-western side. In the northern corner there is a three-floor tower topped with a hipped roof, built into the mass of the building. The body is covered with a half-hip roof. The palace is surrounded by a stately park comprising a pond and dotted with numerous species of trees and bushes. Next to the palace there is a historic church, whose establishment goes back to 1606. Today, it is known by the name of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa Church. It was constructed on a square-like plan with a clear-span arrangement. The church walls have a brick-frame construction with brick infill. The roof is pitched and covered with plane tiles. The body of the church is decorated with an octagonal so-called “lantern”, topped with an onion dome and a banner with the date “1606”. The dome is covered with sheet. The historic furnishing in the church features a 19th Century organ front and a wooden gallery. In front of the church there is a monument commemorating World War I.



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