III pier – Hitler Terminal

In the construction of the pier 800 German workers were employed. According to information from the book “Fortress Ustka” in March 1939 the press reported a huge 60-meter-long, scaffolding for placing poles under the pier at the sea bottom. These poles to the outbreak of war were counted in hundreds. The whole structure was based precisely on the poles to a depth of 10 meters where the poles were to be replaced by reinforced concrete caissons, submerged at the bottom and then filled with concrete. The cost of construction was to reach 60 million marks, of which 15 million marks was to be used to build a double-track rail lines Ustka- Sławno-Białogard- Berlin. Were it not for World War II, probably in 1941, there would be a grand opening of a port terminal in Ustka. The decision to build the pier was made in 1937. The terminal was meant to get independent from the Polish communication between the Reich and East Prussia. However, the object was never completed. Today, this reinforced concrete structure etched in the sea, puzzles many tourists, and most of them do not realize that here were to base bristling with guns cruisers and tankers with oil.




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