The House under the Salmon in Gdańsk

It was reconstructed after the war and the most recent renovations provided it with imposing paintings on the front facade.

The beautiful and stylish hall, which relates to the 8th Century appearance, has also been reconstructed. It is currently the home of the Restaurant under the Salmon, which serves the famous Gdańsk Goldwasser – vodka with flakes of actual gold – just like in the past. In 1598, the Mennonite Ambrose Vermöllen founded a liquor production plant here, which was named Der Lachs (The Salmon). The fame of Salmon’s liquors reached the courts of France, Sweden, Russia and others. From the 70 produced alcoholic beverages, the most popular was the aforementioned Goldwasser. Gourmets also appreciated the krambambula cherry liquor, the cordial or the electoral liquor. With time, the Golden Vodka of Gdańsk became one of the brand products of the stronghold on the Motława River. Unfortunately, today there is no liquor production at Szeroka and Goldwasser is imported from Germany. The formulas for the other liqueurs from the Salmon tasting room are in the Gdańsk archive.



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