The Tenement House “Under the Turtle”

“No stellar lyre marked our house before my birth. The only sign it could boast (…) is that instead of idols, angels, vases, eagles, horses and other animals overlook King the streets from the other rooftops, the tallest peak is the home of a metal turtle, lying on its stomach. It rocks and strongly flutters its golden paws and head in all directions whenever a strong wind blows”.

This beautiful tenement was the birthplace of Johanna Trosiener, the future wife of Heinrich Schopenhauer and mother of Arthur. After the wedding, the young poet moved with her husband to the house at Świętego Ducha 47, where Arthur was born, while the tenement under the turtle fell under the ownership of Samuel Fischer. After the damage caused by World War II, the tenement was reconstructed and returned to its baroque form. A perron was also added. The turtle was placed on the top, but it did not shake its paws and was not gold-plated as the one Johanna remembered from her childhood.




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