The Maritime Culture Centre (National Maritime Museum)

The exhibitions presented in the centre include the interactive "People, ships, harbours", and also the "Boats of the peoples of the world". The Museum uses multimedia technologies, interactive communication solutions, original audio-visual presentations and computer visualisation.

“People, ships, harbours” is the only exhibition in Poland which uses such unique interactive methods and multimedia for presenting a wide range of maritime issues, from ship construction through maritime engineering and life on the high seas to submarine archaeology.

The exhibition stretches over an area of approximately 400 sq. m. It was prepared to provide visitors with a systematic presentation of maritime issues, so that the information gained can be used in the next stages of the exhibition.

There are five sections in the Exhibition

  • The Sea – the environment and technology – presents how a water vortex is formed, how a solar battery works and even how a tsunami wave can be triggered.
  • Ship construction – you can be a ship captain, command a ship from the captain’s bridge and learn the Morse code.
  • Work in the harbour – presents the life of a harbour. The container terminal operation can be explored there from the viewpoint of a harbour worker.
  • Life on a ship – presents the everyday life of a seaman which can be experienced in the seaman’s outfit, the captain’s uniform and even a pirate’s clothes. It presents sea-rescue-related issues, including the sea-rescuing signal code.

The submarine archaeology section has a “submarine station” with a diving bell and basic equipment for archaeological research. Young explorers can find out here what the submarine archaeologist’s work is all about and also search for treasures hidden in the sea floor sand. The biggest attraction of this section of the exhibition is the chance to go on a virtual trip to the bottom of the sea in a bathyscaphe and a presentation on how an echo sounder works.

Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, fot. Narodowe Muzeum Morskie

Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, fot. Narodowe Muzeum Morskie

The exhibition “Boats of the peoples of the world” is a trip around the World many dream about. It presents particularly interesting places where traditional boats are used, such as canoes, rafts and dinghies. These were made by generations back who used traditional techniques and methods handed down from father to son over the centuries.

Before going on a sea trip it is worth remembering that people in the world use thousands of various traditional vessels. The exhibition presents boats from almost every part of the World, including Norway, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Panama, Bangladesh Indonesia, Ghana, Vietnam, and Samoa.

Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, wystawa interaktywna, fot. materiały promocyjne

Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, wystawa interaktywna, fot. materiały promocyjne

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