Mennonite cemeteries in Barcice

Settlement in the area of Barcice village began only in the 18th Century with the settling of the Mennonites. At first a wooden and then a brick prayer house was constructed, which was devastated in 1945 and dismantled several years later. Two cemeteries were left after a very populous colony of Dutchmen, and they contain a dozen or so steles each. The first is located at the beginning of the village, significantly more elevated in comparison to its surroundings, with a large stone – a commemorating obelisk with inscriptions in Polish and German, placed in front of the cemetery. It contains 11 steles and two wooden inscribed tablets. To the east of the cemetery there is a house – a former vicarage and school and also a farm building. Between the cemetery and the house there are fragments of foundations, remains of an old Mennonite church. The second cemetery is located in the forest and is almost twice as big. Surrounded by 200-year-old trees, which partially designate its layout of 60 x 80 m. It contains eight Mennonite steles. The oldest steles are from the first half of the 19th Century. Both cemeteries are well cared-for, thanks to the efforts of the authorities of the commune. There are a dozen or so Mennonite-built farm buildings from the turn of the 20th Century within the area of the village. Apart from the cemeteries in Barcice, the burial places of our settlers can be found in Mareza, Grabów, Olszanica and Okrągła Łąka.

Autor: LOT Liwa

Foto: P. Solińska, LOT Liwa



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