The White Mansion in Podzamcze

In 1236, the Provincial Master of the Teutonic Order, Hermann von Balk, granted Dietrich von Diepenau the town of Mały Kwidzyn, including the area of the later village of Bystrzec, as part of the Tychnowy estate (Podzamcze) with 300 Flemish fiefs. This defensive manor house dates back to the 15th Century. Made of brick on a rectangle plan and employing a foundation of granite boulders, the house is plastered and has two corner towers. The basement has a barrel vault. In 1972-91 it belonged to the PGR Kwidzyn – Górki industrial complex and underwent gradual renovation. Since 1993 it has housed a private hotel and a restaurant with stylish furnishings and smart interiors of its dining rooms and a bar serving delicacies of Polish and global cuisines. On the outside it features a terrace overlooking the Kwidzyńska Lowland and walking trails.

Autor: LOT Liwa



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