The Saint George and Providence of God Church in Tychnowy

Through the agency of the Gdańsk Castellan and the Pomeranian Voivode, Stanisław Konarski, the interior of the church was rebuilt around 1600 and a vault with a ridge rib was installed. At the vault’s base there are stone buttresses featuring cartouches with the coats of arms of the Polish houses. The tower and the porch date back to 1869. The east gable is stepped, with pinnacles and blind windows. The main altar from the 18th Century, side altars from 1840 and 1853, a pulpit, two confessionals and a music choir from the 18th Century; a granite baptismal font from the 15th Century.

Autor: LOT Liwa

Zdjęcia: A.Filar-Cielątkowska




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