Night life in Sopot

Tourists are often surprised on their arrival in Sopot by the number and quality of venues offering fun time. Most of the overnight fun places are located along the main boulevard – Bohaterów Monte Cassino, the “Monciak” in short – and in the vicinity of the beach. The clubbing crowd can participate in all sorts of gigs with a variety of music, many types of clubs welcoming guests of various kinds. If well planned, there is a possibility of a trip around the bars from the decadent styles of the early 20th Century to classic night clubs ending in the hypnotic rhythms. The fare varies from posh and elegant places to those welcoming guests wearing T-shirts and flip-flops,, or even bare feet. Sopot is famous for performances and concerts. Various types of music are available, presented by established stars and young talented ones.

The nightlife is so popular in Sopot, so especially in summer it can get really crowded on dance floors and in the bars. Not being able of finding a suitable fun place is unheard of. It is worth mentioning that the clubs and bars in Sopot are considered safe places.

And when the night is over Sopot party-goers can enjoy another attraction – the beautiful sunrise over the Lagoon during a walk down the beach. It is not surprising that nine out of ten people in the Tricity asked “Where shall we look for fun?” will say: “Only in Sopot!”.

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