Forest Opera in Sopot

The Forest Opera is a symbol of Sopot, one of the most unique stages in Europe - a forest amphitheatre with excellent acoustics and over a hundred years of history.

Many famous artistic events took place on the stage of the Opera House, such as international song festivals, Wagner festivals, concerts of stars of the world music scene, shows, ballet performances, choral festivals, and theatre performances.

The over 100-year history of the Forest Opera was full of many events that had a significant impact on its activities. The Opera enjoys increasing popularity every year – from the premiere of the opera “The Night Camp in Granada” by Conradin Kreutzer in August 1909, until today.

The most popular musical event related to the history of the Forest Opera was the International Song Festival. Since 1989, the festival has been privatized. Today’s most popular event takes place at the turn of May and June and is called Polsat Super Hit Festival.

Since 1992, the festival has been organized by the Baltic Artistic Agency BART.

Forest Opera in Sopot, fot.

Forest Opera in Sopot, fot.

Although the first three editions of the event, starting in 1961, took place at the Gdansk Shipyard, in 1964 the festival became permanently associated with the amphitheatre in Sopot and from then on it was associated with the Forest Opera.

In June 1997, the newly built Concert Hall on the premises of the Forest Opera was opened. The hall seats approximately 300 people and regularly hosts concerts in the fall and winter.

In the years 2009 – 2012, using EU funds, the Forest Opera underwent a thorough modernization, consisting of a complete replacement of the roof structure, renovation of the auditorium and the facilities. The modernization of the facility has created new opportunities to carry out the most demanding events.

In 2017, the Sopot festival returned to the “amphitheatre in the forest”, and the concerts were broadcast by TVN.

Forest Opera, photo:

Forest Opera, photo:

The opera is characterized by excellent acoustics and an exceptionally attractive forest environment, in the city center, yet away from the noise and crowds.

The covered auditorium can accommodate 5047 spectators, with the front sections folded, the total number of standing and seating places is 5579, and the orchestra pit can accommodate 120 musicians.

The area of the Forest Opera covers 4 hectares, where, in addition to the amphitheatre, there is the Concert Hall of the Polish Chamber Philharmonic and conference and training rooms. The facility can organize any musical event, training, conference, prestigious banquet or reception. The unique surroundings encourage you to listen to a concert here.

Forest Opera today

A musical amphitheatre where festivals, musical concerts of Polish and foreign artists, theatre performances, conferences, meetings with artists, and special events take place. Workshops are organized for children.

The Forest Opera can be visited all year round, a fee is charged in the summer season.




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