The Observation Point Trail in Sopot

This trail is 9.5 km long, and begins at the Sopot Kamienny Potok stop of the Fast Urban Train (SKM). It runs along Małopolska St., passes next to the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Brodwino Estate, the Rysie Hill, Okrężna St. and reaches the Strzeleckie Hill – an observation point next to the old Rifleman’s Club headquarters built in the early 20th Century (which featured a shooting range). Further on, the trail runs through the Olimpijskie Hill and Łysa Góra – a hill rising 110 metres above mean sea level. On the side of Łysa Góra, there is a ski-lift, which makes the hill a popular place in winter, attracting both residents and tourists. Moving on, we pass by Mała Gwiazda (Little Star), Sępie Wzgórze (Vulture’s Hill), Esperantists’ Oak, and finish in Stawowo (Smolna St.).

In addition to the Foxes’ Trail Sopot also has the Squirrels’, Boars’, Seagulls’, Hares’ and Roes’ Trails. Some of these are short, while others are longer. Each trail offers places and sights worth seeing. Many of those trails start at bus or train stops which are easy to reach and open to everyone.

Foto: M. Bieliński – Dep. Turystyki UMWP




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