The best goose meat always on Saint Martin’s Day!

In the old days, it was the basis of the weekly menu. It appeared on every farm. Autumn Sunday dinner could not do without it. Goose meat is an extremely healthy meat that finally - completely deservedly - returns to Polish tables after many years of non-existence.

Pomorska goose is the flagship product of the region. It is bred according to old Polish tradition. – Goose meat was known and appreciated in Pomorskie. It was eaten on farms. In the richer ones, even every day. This is the healthiest poultry. It contains a lot of nutritional value, so it is worth consuming it – assures Damian Mazurowski from the Kubicki restaurant in Gdansk.

Goose pate on marinated apple has become a permanent feature of the Kubicki restaurant’s menu, and the chef serves a special dish around the Marina feast. It is goose confit on red cabbage with steamed bread and sesame and honey sauce. It is worth trying this magical dish, because it is a seasonal item.

Kubicki Restaurant, photo: press materials

Kubicki Restaurant, photo: press materials

Pomorska goose meat is easily digestible and contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. And since they can be eaten in various forms: classic roast goose, dumplings with goose meat, goose lard, rutabaga on goose meat, pâtés or smoked half-goose, it is even more worth trying them.

Thus, goose meat reigns in the best Pomorskie restaurants in November.

Always around October, our friendly host, Mr. Bolek, drives his geese to the cowshed and feeds them with oats to make them fatter, then kills them and delivers them to our restaurant. This product is very high quality and natural. In the restaurant, we use the whole goose together with offal and blood, from which we make black pudding – says Rafał Niewiarowski, chef and owner of the “Dym na wodzie” restaurant in Ustka.

The menu of “Dym na Wodzie”  restaurant includes dumplings with goose meat, pickled cucumber and pickled carrot, demi-glace sauce and kale. Roasted goose with roasted beetroot risotto, apple with horseradish, kale and buckwheat popping reigns among the main courses.

Pomorskie goose has been present on Kashuby tables for centuries and was very popular in our region – says Jaroslaw Waloch, head of the Brovarnia restaurant at Gdansk Hotel. – Geese are very noble poultry that feed on the best varieties of cereals, root crops and rosemary. Our specialty is Kashuby rosemary goose served whole and cut in front of guests. This is the signature dish of Brovarnia Hotel Gdansk, which won the title of the best Pomorskie Regional Dish in the Competition for the Amber Laurel of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship! Dumplings with rosemary Kashuby goose meat with plum sauce and boletes also deserve a mention. We recommend a limited edition of light beer brewed with only fresh hop cones collected at the beginning of September by our brewer – adds Jaroslaw Waloch.

The Green Gate, a Restaurant in Przywidz invites you to the “Goose Feast in the Green Gate”. In the restored granary on the premises of the magnificent building, on November 11 you will be able to taste goose dishes. You will be able to try the flagship dishes of the chef of the Green Gate restaurant. “Szmurowanie” in Kashuby is a kind of thermal treatment, which is stewing. Before that, however, the meat is marinated with salt, garlic and marjoram. Then it is stuffed with pears, apples, plums and cranberries. Then they are baked for an extremely long time, up to five hours. It’s a typical slow food – says the chef.

In the Green Gate restaurant you can also try grilled goose liver with red onion jam and goose breast in cranberry sauce with red cabbage in baked ruby and roasted potatoes.

the Goose Festival in Swolowo

The main goose festival in Pomorskie is traditionally the Goose Festival in Swolowo. It is a meeting with breeders, chefs, but also ladies from the of the country housewives associacions – a feast and tasting of one of the best Pomorskie products takes place in a tent in the open-air museum in Zagroda Albrechta. Goose dishes will be served by nearly 40 associations of country housewives and restaurateurs. One of the guests will be the aforementioned Rafał Niewiarowski from the Dym na Woda restaurant in Ustka.

muzeum kultury ludowej pomorza w swolowie 4

Muzeum Kultury Ludowej Pomorza w Swołowie, fot. Pomorskie Travel

Poland is one of the largest goose escorts in Europe. 90 percent of the geese bred in Poland go to the German market. Interestingly, according to Jacek Szklarek, head of Slow Food Polska, the consumption of goose meat in Poland from 17 grams 9 years ago has grown to 230 grams today, i.e. almost 14 times. It’s still not much, but the upward trend raises hopes for greater popularity of this extremely valuable poultry in Polish homes.



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