The Black Madonna of Częstochowa Church in Duninowo

Listed as a top-grade building of historical and architectural interest, formerly serving the Evangelical Church and presently the Roman-Catholic Church.

The earliest mentions of the church in Duninowo go back to 1374, while records on the parish come from 1493. The present-day structure, made of brick, was erected on stone foundations, and covered with a pitched top. The church in Duninowo has only one nave with galleries from the west and south, and a tower crowned with a baroque cupola comprising an octagonal lantern and a Gothic bronze bell. In 1875 – 1877 the church was substantially rebuilt, with an annexe added on the southern side and a sacristy from the north. Window openings were reconstructed and their woodwork was altered. The surviving elements of the original decor include the bell, the Baroque pulpit from the end of the 17th Century, high and side altars, baptismal font, pews, galleries, organ front, and stained glass dating back to the 19th Century. Among the finest monuments is the gravestone of J. Crummelius from 1615 and a wooden cartouche with two coats of arms and two crossed lances. Thanks to the family of von Below, who owned the estate in the 19th Century, the Duninowo church was the centre of Lutheran separatism.



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