The Church of St. Stanislaus the Martyr in Zaleskie

The manor house was laid to brick and rested on a stone foundation, while its half-hip roof was topped with tiles known as plane. From the north, the mansion adjoined a park scattered with some noteworthy trees and bushes. Next to the house, Zaleskie boasts another historic monument, protected by the conservation officer, namely the branch Church of St. Stanislaus. The village got its first church in 1590. The present-day building dates back to 1754-1757. It is of red-brick masonry, currently plastered. It was built on a rectangle plan, without separate presbytery, as a single-aisle church with a tower on the west and sacristy on the south. The roof has been topped with plane tiles, and the Baroque cupola of the tower is covered with sheet. The historical furnishing of the church includes an altar assembling some 18th-Century woodcarving, as well as side galleries and pews (also 18th Century), and a 19th-Century choir loft resting on wooden pillars. The southern tower wall has the date “1754” inscribed below the round clock. Since its very creation, the church has belonged to the parish in Duninowo. The graveyard by the church hosts a 19th-Century cross commemorating the residents of the Zaleskie Commune, who died between 1325 and 1853, with an inscription reading: “Hier ruhen in Gott die Hingeschiedene der Gemeinde SALESKE, vom Jahre 1325 -1854. Friede się mit ihnen!”.



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