Manor houses and palaces stand in the picturesque corners of Pomerania, by the seacoast, near lakes, on rivers, and in forests.

The Palace in Rekowo Górne

The manor in Rekowo Górne is a true architectural pearl of Northern Kashubia. It is a beautiful, eclectic building, the designer of which was inspired by Italian architecture.

The history of Rekowo began in the medieval era. Records from the 14th Century show that this Kashubian town on the edge of the Darżlubie Forest was a knight's property, owned by Ścibor of Krostkowo. The building was erected on a small hill, later referred to as the Tomb. This name was used when the building on the top was demolished and replaced with a cemetery for the wealthier local residents.

The new palace dates back to the year 1871, when Hagen of Sobowidz initiated the creation of the charming building on the hilltop. Like most Kashubian palaces, during the nineteen sixties, the building acted as a utility house in the National Agricultural Farm. The Vegetable Experimental Plant operated in Rekowo. The manor returned to private ownership in 1994 and its renovations began, which lasted until 2006. The building was extensively renovated, in compliance with conservation requirements, while the adjoining park was subject to restoration, recovering its former atmosphere and becoming the perfect play for fun and strolls.

Today, the manor is home to the Wieniawa Hotel, which offers its guests peace, quiet and comfortable recreational conditions. All this is just a short distance away from the Tricity. The guests of the Rekowo manor will find sublime decorative art inside, which is combined with functionality and comfort. The local restaurant will provide exquisite tastes of regional dishes and splendid wines.

Foro: Dep. Turystyki, UMWP