The Below Palace in Sławutówko

The beginning of the 20th Century brought great changes to Sławutówko. The old manor was replaced with a new palace, which was the home of the van Below family. Unfortunately, the palace idyll did not last long; the upcoming World War II forced the property to be transferred to a relative of the Belows, Albrecht von Krockow. The Prussian origin of the Below family was not an advantage in the eyes of the invading Red Army. After receiving a tip from the Ukrainian maid, the Russians murdered the entire family. Their grave is located in the nearby forest. The Below family had a good reputation in the eyes of the people, thus the villagers stoned the Ukrainian informant in revenge.

After the war, the building fell under the ownership of the National Agricultural Farms. After the organisation concluded its operations on the terrain, the palace gradually fell into ruin until 2001. At that time, the new owner made extensive renovations to the site. Today, the Below Palace hosts a luxurious hotel with tastefully-furnished apartments, elegant rooms and a restaurant offering cuisine from all around the world.




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