The Palace and Park Complex in Grąbkowo

The construction works on this edifice commenced at the turn of the 19th Century, when the property was owned by the von Puttkamer family and subsequently by Duke Karol von Isenburg und Budingen – Bierstein (1894 – 1897). From the dawn of the 20th Century to 1945 the palace was in the Liwonius family. This 19th-Century palace was erected in place of the former one, originating probably in the 18th Century, whose remnants survived in some parts of the groundwork and in the south wing of the tower. The palace is a majestic, two-storey building with a tower and wings on the sides. Its style reflects the mode of the late-Baroque residences. Established on a rectangle plan it has an elongated central part. Its original furnishing was reduced to the fireplace with a cartouche for the coat of arms, fine stairs with a woodcarved openwork balustrade, walls adorned with wooden panels, stuccoed ornamentation in the form of flowers and decorative plafonds, and alcove-furnished kitchen furniture. There are also three magnificent ballrooms surviving on the ground floor. In the orangery the walls were fitted with elements of a coral reef.



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