The Manor and Park Complex in Paraszyno

The estate, forming a perfect fit with the landscape and ideally balancing its aesthetic and functional values, boasts exceptionally good practicality and space utilisation. The location of the house next to the main road connecting Gdańsk and Lębork and the establishment of a sawmill by the river are just two examples of smart area management in Paraszyno. The manor’s surroundings feature a rustic garden with a lane leading towards the entrance and a fountain.

In the mid-19th Century the mansion became the property of the Zalewski family, who initiated renovation works. New front doors, decorative elements in the front facade, and window fringes are just some of the embellishments the building was given. At the dawn of the 20th Century an extensive renovation began, adding semicircle tops with the coats of arms of the Zalewski and Von Besser families to the northern and southern facades. It is the latter family that was in the possession of the mansion up to 1945. World War II caused the complete devastation of the farm buildings. The only constructions that managed to survive were the manor and steward’s house. All the way up to 1991 the estate frequently changed hands, to finally become the property of the commune, when it began to serve as a widely-available board and lodging facility.

The accommodation service in the Paraszyno Manor House includes 10 comfortable rooms and a special suite for newlyweds. Visitors to the historic manor are in for a real treat, with some unparalleled delicacies of the Kashubian cuisine to be tasted in the 18th-Century hotel restaurant. The estate also organises banquets, parties, and, during the day, horse rides around the neighbourhood.

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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