Paraszyńskie Wąwozy (Paraszynek Gorges)

It was established in 2001, in order to preserve spring and forest plant communities with rare and protected species of plants and animals. Among the particularly valuable floral communities are a population of submontane plants, e.g. deer fern and common foxglove. The habitat of ghost orchid, a species listed in the Polish Red Data Book of Plants, is also of great value. Preservation of the natural value and the large concentration of springs within this small area has become the main protection objective of the Paraszyńskie Wąwozy Reserve. Its northern and eastern borders consist of forests descending towards the Reda-Łeba proglacial stream valley, while the western and southern borders preserve the forest areas of a corrugated moraine.

In order to meet the expectations of those who wish to get to know the nature of this reserve, the Strzebielino Forest Inspectorate has created a forest educational trail: “Around the reserve”. The path presents issues connected with environmental protection, forest protection against animals, as well as animal and hunting management. Eleven special stations have been prepared, each with a short information board. The path forms a loop with a length of 4 km, and walking along the path, including stops at each station, takes around 3 hours. The altitude difference on the path is 140 m. In some sections, there are unpaved forest paths. The path was labelled with a stylised green owl on a yellow background. The beginning and end of the route is near the ranger’s station in Paraszynek, at the camping site next to the tourist shed.

An undisputed attraction within this reserve is the viewing platform on Jelenia Mountain – 221 metres above sea level. This is the highest hill in the area of the Strzebielino Forest Inspectorate. From the top of the mountain, there is a view towards the Łeba-Reda proglacial stream valley which is a Protected Landscape Area. Besides the forest educational trail, there are also three footpaths leading there. The Red Path (with a length of nearly 10 km) and the Green Path (with a length of 7 km) start near the level crossing in Bożepole Wielkie, while the Yellow Path mostly overlaps with the forest educational trail.

The nearest localities to this reserve are Paraszyno, Bożepole Wielkie and Bożepole Małe.

Autor: P. Syrocki, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie

Foto: P. Syrocki, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie





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