Route no. 22 Żurawia (red)

Most of the red route is marked out along excellent quality dirt roads and sandy forest roads and on a short section of a pavement. The layout of the route enables using ‘Luzino’ Nordic Walking Park both with the starting point located in Robaków, where a board with a map of the routes is located in Gościn.In Gościn the route can be accessed near the cementary. Than, along the railway one can reach Robaków.We start from a forest car park in Robaków and after 200m turn right. The green route turns left and we go further for 900m and reach a pulse measuring point. The black route turns right and we are still accompanied by the signs of the yellow route for a few minutes. Before we reach the point where the two routes split we come to a car park where an exercise board is located. Having done the exercises we walk for a while and turn right. We walk along an excellent quality forest road towards Gościn. Exercising caution is recommendedas the road is used by cars as well. We leave the forest and reach the first buildings of Gościn. We turn left and walking along a pavement after 200m turn left again. We pass the cementary and between the buildings reach a railway. We walk south-west along a bumpy dirt road parallel to the railway.On the way we pass a railman’s building and a hamlet called Zielony Dwór. After a few kilometer walk we reach the buildings of Robaków. Along dirt roads, between buildings we walk into the forest and reach the point where the route joins the green route. After another 200m, having walked for 9,3 km we finish our walk in the forest car park in Robaków.




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