Route no. 21 Kusego (green)

We start the walk after a warm-up. After 200 m the routes split- the yellow one, the red one and the black one turn right, we turn left. After 1,3 km walk along a pleasant forest road we reach a pulse measuring point. On the right the red and the yellow route join our route. After about 100m in a forest car park we find an exercise board on the right. Having done the exercises we come back on the green route. Following the signs we walk for 500m and across a wide forest road. After 3,3km from the beginnin of the walk we turn left. If we choose the road forward, after about 100m we would get to the red route which goes round the buildngs of Robaków. It is worth paying attention to the vast swampcomplex which we go around. After 3,7 km from the beginning of the walk there are two surprises awaiting us:a pulse measuring point and a ‘saddle’- a step climb of several metres lenght. which would pose problems to an amateur cyclist. 500 m further we cros a bridge over a watercourse flowing from another swamp complex. Walking on we pass a pasture and after4,8km from the beginning of the walk we reach a surfaced road. We turn right and after 100m we reach the red route. We walk forward and after 300m we close the green loop. After 200m we reach the car park and having done 5,4km we finish our walk. During winter season the route is recommended for Nordic skiers.




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