Route no. 35 Bolszewska (yellow)

After a warm-up we walk for 200m and turn right into the forest. We walk along a pleasant forest road and after about 1km we reach a pulse measuring point. We walk on and after 1,8km from the beginning of the walk we reach a routes junction where an exercise board is located. This the place where all the routes meet. The green route and the red route, which initially overlapped the yellow route, turn right. The black route joins the route on the right. Having done the exercises we follow the signs along a forest ‘highway’ towards Bolszewo. On the way, on the right the green route joins the route. At the end of a 1,5km stretch of the road we leave the forest. On the right the route is joined by the red route and the black route. We turn left and after a 600m walk reach the point where we started the walk. During winter season the route is recommended for Nordic skiers.



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