Route no.38 Ku Górze Pomorskiej (black)

The route is marked out along forest roads, sandy roads, fields, two sections of a tarmac road and a very short section along cobbled surface. The route connects Bolszewo with Góra Pomorska. We start walking west and after 600m turn right. A rare view comes into sight- a 1,4km straight wide section of a surfaced road dividing the forest into two with a routes junction and an exercise board at the end. We walk on following the green and the red signs. After 200m the red route goes right round the slope and we turn left and climb the ridge. After reaching the foot of the hill w reach a forest ‘highway’. The green route turns right. We go left and after 700m come to a bridge, where we are joined by the red route. Both routes now go together, along the edge of the forest. After 100m we come across an exercise board and having done the exercises we walk on. 20m before a tarmac road we turn left into the forest. Walking along forest roads, after 5km from the beginning of the walk we leave the forest and reach a pulse measuring point. We turn left and continue towards the buildings of Góra Pomorska visible in the distance. We go between the buildings and following Słowińska Street we leave the village. We walk for over a kilometer along a sandy road. We pass a characteristic roadside cross and reach the edge of the forest. The next 600m section is a wonderful wide descent to a tarmac road.We turn fight and after 200m we turn towards the forester’s lodge visible in the distance. Right behind it, on a leisure spot we come to the last exercise board. After 9,4km from the beginning of the walk we walk under a power line after a 500m climb we reach a routes junction. The last pulse measuring point awaits us there.We turn right and after a few minutes we come to a clearing. Along the edge of the forest we come to the place where the routes split. The red route turns right, the green one turns left and the black one goes straight. After a 600m descent we join the red route and leave the forest. Along a sandy road, along the edge of the forest, after 12,6km from the beginning of the walk we finish the hike.



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