Kociewsko-Borowiacka Route

Kociewie offers all this to tourists as well as its local extensive network of “Kociewie Cycle Trails”. The proposed route is a combination of three routes (red “Borowiacki” green “Jeziorny” and yellow “St. Roch”), which will guide visitors through the vast complex of Tuchola Woods and allow to see a few interesting sights around Starogard Gdanski, which is the informal capital of Kociewie. The biggest attraction of the route are probably the magnificent forests of Tuchola Woods with the largest lake Kalebie in Osiek, and a jewel in the form of a charming village Kasparus with its traditional wooden buildings.

The trip starts in Czarna Woda and ends in Starogard Gdanski. It is worth to divide the route for two days with an overnight in the area of Osiek, where there are numerous agrotouristic apartments.

Distance: 76 km

Track difficulty: moderately difficult trail

Main road surface: Mixed

Estimated time of the route: 9-11 hours (1-2 days)

Recommended type of bike: trekking / mountain

Route: Czarna Woda – Starogard Gdanski

0 km – Czarna Woda. The city located on the Wda river, a canoe watchtower, art gallery Ostoja, a wooden Borowiacka style hut with an exhibition of Tuchola Woods and Valley of Wda. Red trail “Borowiacki” we are heading to Osieczna.

14.1 km – Osieczna. The Immaculate Conception church of 1928.

Note! From Osieczna you can can go following the blue trail Polomska Road to Lubichowo, or green trail to Kaliska.

25.2 km –Kasparus. The charming village in the forests of Tuchola Woods with preserved wooden houses (many examples of Borowiacki style), half-timbered church from 1926 and a wooden presbytery from mid 19th century.

Note! From Kasparus we are heading east following the green trail “Jeziorny”. Northbound the route goes via Lubichowo, Sumin, Starogard Gdanski to Skarszewy.

36.2 km – Osiek. The holiday village located near the largest kociewskie lake Kalebie, a marina and a swimming lake, neo-Gothic St. Roch church from 1866, a few wooden Borowiacki style huts .

Note! In Osiek we change the trail to yellow “St. Roch” that will lead us to Starogard Gdanski.

45.7 km – Skorcz. Medieval urban layout, a Gothic church.

52.0 km – Czarnylas. Neo-baroque church with Gothic elements.

54.5 km – Paczewo. Gothic-Renaissance church.

58.0 km – Grabowo Bobowskie. A half-timbered church (half-timbered presbytery of 18th century, a brick nave from the beginning of 20th century)

62.7 km – Bobowo. The historic St. Adalbert Church.

Note! You can turn east by following the black trail to Pelplin.

76.0 km – Starogard Gdanski. We drive into the city Lubichowska st., then Armii Krajowej st., Jan Pawel II Avenue, Kosciuszki st. up to the market square, then Kanalowa st., Hallera st., and Wojska Polskiego st. to the railway station.


regionalna zabudowa w kasparusie
regionalna zabudowa w kasparusie
kosciol w kasparusie
kosciol w kasparusie



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